About the Author

Mark Gura has been an educator for over three decades. The former director of instructional technology of the New York City Department of Education, he began his career as a teacher, spending 18 years in elementary and middle school classrooms in Harlem. More recently, he has taught graduate education courses at Fordham University and Touro College. Gura was a staff and curriculum developer for NYC's central Division of Curriculum and Instruction before being recruited to develop and administer the first citywide instructional technology program. He has written extensively on education for the NY Daily News, Converge, and a variety of other education magazines, and has written and published numerous books on education. He is the co-producer of the popular, The Teachers Podcast (http://teacherspodcast.org) and Talking Financial Literacy Podcast (www.talkingfinlit.org). Gura has spoken on the subject of instructional technology throughout the U.S. He lives and works in both the New York City area and Palm Beach County, Florida.   

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