Episode 3 - Interview with Sandra Wozniak

Sandra Wozniak currently works for TregoED.org, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to help people and organizations work better. Sandra works with teachers, focusing on how to apply Trego’s problem solving strategies to educating kids. www.tregoed.org

Sandra’s blog: http://scan-werecriticaltothinking.blogspot.com/.
She is also a featured blogger at Technology Integration in Education http://www.technologyintegrationineducation.com/
and has written for Teaching Tolerance.L

Links to more of Sandra’s work and projects:

·         www.facebook.com/thinkSCAN (TregoED: We're Critical to Thinking)

·         www.twitter.com/sanwoz (Sandra Wozniak: Teaching kids how to think, not what to think…)

·         www.collaborizeclassroom.com/tregoed (Collaborize Classroom)

·         www.tregoed.ning.com (Trego Ed discussion platform for educational leaders)

·          http://www.livebinders.com/play/play_or_edit?id=330317  (the NASA project...a "challenge-based" problem)