Show Notes - Episode #4: Interview with Reuben Bridges (with Introduction with Gary Israel)
14 years ago, Morris High School (Bronx, NYC) started it’s now famous robotics team, 2TrainRobotics. Reuben Bridges, an 11th grader at the time, was part of the first group of students to join the team. Robotics became such an important part of Reuben’s life that although he graduated over a decade ago he has remained an important part of the team, mentoring students new to robotics.  Reuben has also gone on to become a LEGO Robotics teacher at a YMCA in the Bronx

The first Morris robotics team coach was Gary Israel. Like Reuben, he has continued with the team even though he retired from teaching 8 years ago. The two have formed a strong friendship and work together to make the team one of the best ever.

In this episode, both Reuben and Gary offer insightful observations and solid advice to adults and students interested in getting started with Student Robotics.

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